Capitanes Airbus A320
A320 Type Rated Captains



Aircraft model: A320
Type required: Yes
Languages: English
ICAO Class 1 flight crew medical certificate;
The maximum age must be 58 years old;
5000 hours of total flying experience;
2000 hours in Command on multi-engine, multi-crew, turboprop and/or jet aircraft with a MTOW ≥ 27 Tonnes;
500 command hours flying experience on type;
No-incident/accident certificate issued by authority or previous employer.

Salario: Salary package will be revealed during the interview. 
             Medical Insurance and Loss of License & Life Insurance.
Employment Type
Full‐time Package (20‐21 Days On / 10 Days Off per Month – No Annual Vacation)
Duración del empleo
Riad, Arabia Saudí
Fecha de publicación
mayo 17, 2020
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